2 Euro Andorra 2021 - Care for the Elderly

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Commemorative 2 Euro coin from Andorra, issued in 2021. This euro collector coin was issued as a reminder of the need to care for the elderly during the COVID pandemic. ň

The motif of the euro coin is an image of a young man's hand holding an old man's hand. Under the composition of the hands is a stethoscope as a symbol of the work of medical staff. The cells of the virus are shown at the top.

Andorra's commemorative 2 euros represent a commitment by the state to prevent its spread and to take care of its citizens.

Material: Cu75Ni25

Weight: 8.5 g

Diameter: 25.75 mm

Quality: UNC Limit: 70,000 pcs, numbered

Andorra issues commemorative coins, with a face value of 2 Euro, in card only.

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